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Retailers often execute hundreds or even thousands of small tasks everyday. These tasks individually may only take up a few minutes but together they can turn into hours. Adding hundreds of thousands products to your e-commerce, even if it was to only take 2 minutes per product would take over 3333 hours or just over 88 weeks. If one person was doing this full time at 37.5 hours a week that’s nearly two years to add all those products. If those products need to be amended every day, for example stock amounts or prices it would just simply take too many hours to be manageable. But what if you could automate it? Think of the time you could free up for yourself and staff to get on with the really valuable work such as gaining new clients, retraining staff, sales and marketing.

Ecommerce automation converts tasks and processes that humans normally need to do into an automatic process. Ecommerce automation can scale with your business. Are you finding that your once streamlined systems aren’t up to the job anymore since you’ve expanded your business? Some companies turn to time-consuming work arounds which can result in many wasted hours, system crashes, having to re-do work or manually do jobs because their systems just can’t cope anymore. With ecommerce automation you can speed up processes, you can set processes running over night – automatically updating stock while you sleep.

Automatically updating stock levels and prices overnight can increase sales. If you are updating products throughout the day you can easily miss sales. Consumers want to buy and buy now. If you have stock but it’s not showing because you’ve not updated your website yet customers will leave and likely not return. Keeping up to date with current trends, what’s popular, competitors sales and pricing then pushing your products at the right price is key to achieving online sales.